New York Cannabis Bar Association

Welcome to the website for the New York Cannabis Bar Association. 

We are  a group of New York attorneys seeking to implement a comprehensive adult-use cannabis regulatory program and expand access to medical cannabis in New York.  Since our inception we have routinely convened interdisciplinary meetings of our members, doctors, drug policy reform advocates, and patients who are dedicated to help shape a well-rounded, legal cannabis industry in New York.  Our collective expertise spans decades of work in the legal, medical, and drug policy fields in New York, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Argentina, Canada, England, Jamaica, and the Netherlands.

Our goal is to develop a strong peer group of progressive New York practitioners from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, in order to:

  • Expand the practice of cannabis law, medicine, and reform in New York;

  • Share information about existing New York State medical cannabis regulations and the development of a comprehensive adult-use cannabis regulatory program in the state;

  • Collaborate on cannabis law cases and cannabis advocacy efforts; and

  • Provide a forum for intelligent discussion on how to best provide quality legal services to patients, doctors, investors, growers, dispensary applicants, ancillary business owners, and activists in New York's burgeoning cannabis community and beyond.



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