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How a 12-Year-Old Girl Could End Weed Prohibition in America

"The federal cannabis lawsuit team – co-counsel Michael Hiller, Lauren Rudick, Joseph Bondy, and David Holland – filed a complaint in September to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The lawyers – who are all members of the New York Cannabis Bar Association – are working on the case pro bono in hopes of winning a watershed decision descheduling marijuana under federal law."

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State estimates half of eligible patients received medical marijuana

ALBANY — Nearly three months into the launch of the state's medical marijuana program, the Cuomo administration estimates that roughly half of the patients deemed eligible have received the drug, a Department of Health spokesman told POLITICO New York.

The so-called Compassionate Care Act kicked off in early January with several dispensaries not opening in time for the launch date. But the registered organizationscharged with growing and selling medical marijuana say they were expecting the trickle of customers to start, rather than a flood, and that they are now seeing an increasing number of patients.

Since early January, the state estimates 2,039 patients have been certified by their doctors to be eligible for medical marijuana. About 1,000 of those patients, according to the Department of Health, have obtained the drug...

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New York Medical Marijuana Program Expansion Efforts: 2016 Bill Summaries

On January 7, 2016, New York’s medical marijuana program was officially launched after an eighteen month implementation process. Since the launch of the program, however, patient access has been significantly hampered due to the program’s restrictive regulations. In response, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried introduced four bills on March 10th that would fix some of the problems with program, so that patients can have safe and legal access to compassionate medical care and will not have to suffer needlessly...

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Lawmakers Seek to Expand New York's Fledgling Medical Marijuana Program

Medical marijuana dispensary proposals include marketing product to state's physicians:

Medical marijuana producers would be allowed to market their medicines directly to doctors, the way Big Pharma companies do, under one of the proposals lawmakers are expected to introduce soon to expand the new state program.

Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, the Senate sponsor of the act that launched New York's medical marijuana program, said the change is being proposed to enlist the interest of more doctors. A dearth of registered doctors has created an obstacle for New Yorkers seeking to buy medical marijuana and is a factor contributing to the sluggish start of the state's medical marijuana program.

Legislation signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in mid-2014 paved the way for the medical marijuana program. The state's first retail dispensaries selling cannabis-based medicines opened early last month, but have seen little business so far.

Under New York's law, patients can buy medical marijuana only if they are certified by a doctor who has taken an online course and registered with the state. Local patients and statewide advocates have said they are having a hard time finding doctors who are registered.




First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York State Open (NY Times)

ALBANY — New York joined the ranks of nearly half the states on Thursday in allowing the use of medical marijuana with the opening of eight dispensaries statewide, serving a variety of tinctures, concentrates, vapors and other forms of the drug.

How many patients actually received medicine from those dispensaries, however, was uncertain; several locations around the state had customers who entered, but it was not clear if any actually bought the drug, or were qualified to do so under the state’s strict guidelines. On Thursday, officials at the state’s Department of Health said that only 51 patients had been certified for the program thus far, though that process only began on Dec. 23 and requires the approval of a physician who has registered with the state.

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Compassionate Care NY's Summary of New York's New Medical Marijuana Law (S7923/A6357-E)

Under New York’s new medical marijuana law, a patient who has been certified by a healthcare provider to use medical marijuana will register with the New York State Department of Health and receive a patient identification card. Specially approved organizations — such as hospitals or community health centers — will dispense the medical marijuana to registered patients, under DOH supervision.

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NYSBA Issues Ethics Opinion 1024 on Counseling Clients on Medical Marijuana Law

On September 24, 2014, the New York State Bar Association issued its opinion on counseling clients on medical marijuana law. According to NYSBA,

In light of current federal enforcement policy, the New York Rules permit a lawyer to assist a client in conduct designed to comply with state medical marijuana law, notwithstanding that federal narcotics law prohibits the delivery, sale, possession and use of marijuana and makes no exception for medical marijuana.

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