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The Washington v. Sessions case was incubated at and by the New York Cannabis Bar Association.  

“The New York Cannabis Bar Association is saddened to learn about the decision in Washington v. Sessions.  We remain extremely proud that this case was incubated at and by the New York Cannabis Bar Association.  One of our most active and committed members, David Holland, worked tirelessly on behalf of the plaintiffs for their right to access effective medical cannabis treatments.  The evidence is clear that cannabis is a legitimate medical modality that has been irrationally prohibited by Congress.  The New York Cannabis Bar Association continues to support the efforts made by the plaintiffs and their counsel in challenging this senseless regime.  Litigation such as this demonstrates the fundamental failures of current drug policy in our justice system, and we are available to help others who seek to improve the laws that limit access to medical cannabis in New York.”
- Margaret Kunstler, Member & Co-Founder, New York Cannabis Bar Association

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Want more of the legal nitty-gritty?  Click on these links to view the various document filed with the United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

Amended Complaint

Option and Order Granting Motion to Dismiss


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